Guilherme Cruz

Full Stack Developer

DBA SQL Server

IT Security Analyst

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  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics



I started my career at the age of 14 in the gaming industry in Brazil, working with electronics and game programming.

Experience with these programming languages: PHP (10 years), HTML5/Javascript/JQuery/CSS (15 years), Python (3 years), C# (2 years), VB.NET (3 years), VB6 (10 years), ASP Classic (15 years).

I have worked as a security consultant for medium-sized companies in Brazil. My work was focused in web application security, having developed my own tools and techniques along with a set of wordlists for specific languages and purposes. I have experience with Kali Linux and its tools, BurpSuite, Metasploit and a large number of security tools from the community.

I am SQL Server Database Administrator, having worked with it since 2000, working with T-SQL programming and server administration. I am specialized in database performance, working as a consultant for some companies in Brazil.

I have knowledge in Oracle databases since 8i version, working with development of VB6/Oracle applications and PL/SQL, and I have 5 years of experience with MySQL database.

I am a Windows Server Administrator, with experience in installation and configuration of this OS (Active Directory, Firewall, IIS, DHCP, DNS, LDAP, File Server).


I have been worked as Systems Analyst at CDIS, a business unit of ISG Group, a multinational company headquartered in Brasilia/Brazil. I was part of the development team of Brisk PPM, the main product of the company, working in Front-end and Back-end development, database and information security. I've been in the company from December 2017 to January 2020.

I was a collaborator at Dyress Corp from June 2018 to February 2019, having worked on the development of the Dyress platform, a cloud service based on Artificial intelligence.

From 2016 to 2019, I was a collaborator and partner of "Catalogo das Artes" website, considered the largest portal of arts, antiques and collectibles in Brazil.

I have as a personal project the Altweb, an initiative that obtained 2nd place in an innovation contest of the ISG group.

In 2015, I have developed "Comex Global", an alternative tool for Brazilian foreign Trade database (known as AliceWeb).

Development of "Clube Fitness", a fitness app created in 2014 in partnership with Fitclub Fitness Academy located in Brasilia. The app simulates a gym workout sheet based on artificial intelligence without the help of a teacher

At the end of 2009 and until 2012, I developed Amithings, an IOT experiment based on 7 principles that established a new model of information storage, reducing the impact of duplicity of information on the web and allowing total granularity in access to Information.

From 2008 to 2009, I had the opportunity to work on an ambitious and innovative educational project, the "Gerenciamento de Estudos", based on the theory of tests, from a diagnosis of the student, elaborates a study plan aimed at the application of exams, competitions and tests. The project was sold to a large company in the educational area of Brasilia.

In 2007, I founded "Suporte On", an IT startup. The company provided consulting services in ICT, having worked with several clients and partners in Brazil, performing activities such as software development, intranets, Internet, information security consulting and online communication. The company has developed innovative projects such as Amithings, Clube Fitness and Comex Global. "Suporte On" ended its activities at the end of 2017.

In 2006, I created "Generator", a rapid generator of intranets, websites and Web applications from pre-existing databases. Working as a wizard, the software obtained information from an Access, MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle database and generated ready-to-use screens, with a reasonable degree of sophistication, contemplating the basic functions of an Intranet application, including the Report generation. Generator had the ability to generate source code in ASP Classic and PHP. This product motivated the creation of the "Suporte On" startup.

Brazil +55 61 98292 3032


Systems Analyst

2017 - 2020
CDIS Informatica

I was part of the agile development team of BriskPPM, the company's main product.

I have been worked with SQL Server Database Administration, C# development and Web Design (Front-End).


Catalogo das Artes

I have developed a modern, responsive and functional version for the Arts Catalog's website.

I have created and published the Arts Catalog apps in the Apple Store and Google Play.

I was responsible for the new area of Collectibles in the website, having created web crawlers (bots) in PHP to retrieve collectible items.

I have performed all the database optimizations to support millions of items without compromising the website performance and user experience.


Suporte On

I have conducted consultancies in Digital Marketing using Google AdWords.

I have created and optimized blogs using SEO techniques and Email Marketing.

I have developed some ecommerce websites.

I have worked an information security consultant for some medium and large companies.

Marketing Analyst

Medcenter Solutions

This was my first experience in Marketing, and it was very positive.

I have developed the company's email marketing policy based on Email Marketing Best Practices.

I have created a centralized software for sending and receiving email marketing with advanced spam detection techniques.

IT Manager

Adver Midia Exterior

I was responsible for all Adver's infrastructure, from cabling to CPD installation and workstations.

I have developed the company's Information System for control and integration of all areas (IT, Operational, Inventory, Services, Products, HR, Personnel Department, ...).

Project Manager

Invent Internet Ventures

I have worked as project manager for a development team for the Olé and Orelha Digital websites, which were precursors to many of today's major sites and social networks.

IT Manager

Criativa Telemarketing

I was responsible for Criativa's IT infrastructure in units outside Rio de Janeiro.

I have developed the company's telemarketing system (inbound and outbound calls) in ASP + SQL Server.


Machine Learning Analyst

2020 - In Progress

Online Bootcamp

Virtual and Augmented Reality

2020 - In Progress


Systems Analysis


Bachelor Degree

IT Project Management

Gama Filho

Bachelor Degree



Bachelor Degree


MCSA: SQL 2016 Database

Microsoft Corporation

Certification number H098-3492


Bradesco Foundation


Work History


My Project

Altweb is a personal information manager. Winner of 2nd place in innovation competition of the ISG group.



Ligeiro is a local business listing designed to cover small locations. Website and app development in the Google Play store.



Development of website, blog and apps in Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple Store stores.


Development of the new responsive website, creation and maintenance of the collectibles area, and apps in the Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple Store stores.


Website development and content management system (CMS).


Website and app development in Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple Store.


Website development, web scrapping for data extraction from MDIC/Aliceweb databases, and app on the Google Play store.


Development of ecommerce integrated with the Shop9 Business Management System. Website optimization for search engines.


WordPress blog development with website performance and optimization services at Google.


WordPress website development with website performance and optimization services at Google.



WordPress blog development with website performance and optimization services at Google.


Portuguese Native

English Advanced

Spanish Intermediate


HTML5, Bootstrap 4 Specialist

CSS 3, SASS, LESS Specialist

Javascript, jQuery Specialist

Node.js, Express, ES6 Senior

Python Senior

MongoDB Senior

PHP 7 Specialist

Laravel Junior

SQL Server 2000-2017 Specialist

GIT, TFS Senior

REST API, OpenAPI 3.0 Specialist

Responsive Web Development Specialist

Mobile Development Junior

MySQL Senior

Oracle 8i/9i/10g Junior

Information Security, InfoSec, OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25 Specialist

Application Performance, Database Tunning Specialist

C# Junior

Web Design, User Experience, UX Senior

Inbound Marketing Senior

SEO Specialist

Photoshop, Corel Draw Junior

WordPress Senior

Infrastructure and Networks Senior

Windows Servers Senior

Linux Servers Senior

ASP Classic Specialist

Visual Basic 6 Specialist